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This course is generic (non aviation-specific)

All industries are invited to attend!


This Course is Being Offered on January 20th in Myrtle Beach, SC, USA...

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     If you are interested in becoming a trainer (or would like to improve your training skills) we have just the course for you! Our intensive 3-day Train-The-Trainer course is chock full of information that you can use the moment you complete the course. We provide you with not only the theoretical background of adult learning but...more importantly...we delve deeply into the practical processes of developing and facilitating outstanding training events. Our Train-The-Trainer course is generic in nature and thus trainers (and trainer candidates) from all industries will find this course extremely useful, applicable, and relevant!


By attending, and successfully completing our Train-The-Trainer course, the student will be able to:


      Understand adult learning theories and principles

      Identify the characteristics of an exceptional facilitator or trainer

      Understand the difference between adults and children in the learning process  

      Comprehend the difference between poor and outstanding training events

      Develop exceptional training courses and presentations

      Understand behavioral differences and apply that understanding to "problem" students

      Identify the benefits and limitations of various media, visual aids, and classroom setup

      Learn how to use PowerPoint

      Identify assessment methods related to learning outcomes

      Demonstrate mastery of all course material by making a presentation at the end of the course

Train-The-Trainer Course (generic)

3 days


COURSE NAME: Train-The-Trainer (generic)


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Employees who will be responsible for developing and teaching courses within their own companies. This is not an aviation-specific course!


COURSE DURATION: 24.0 hrs. (3 days)


TIME: 8:00am-5:00pm daily (includes a one hour break for lunch)


WHAT TO BRING: Laptop computer with Adobe Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel


WHAT TO WEAR: Business casual





 Certificate of Training


 Course/Student Introduction

 First Student Presentation/Peer Evaluation/Feedback (taped)

 Theories of Learning
 Biological Bases of Learning 

 Course Development  

 Facilitation Techniques

 Presentation Methods 


 Assessing Learning Outcomes

 Recurrent Training Methods
 Second Student Presentation/Peer Evaluation/Feedback (taped)  
 Q & A




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