Line Operations Quality Audit






Line Operations Quality Audit (LOQA) for Airlines

Based loosely on the Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) model, TACG has developed a Line Operations Quality Audit (LOQA) program for airlines that wish to gain valuable insights into their quality processes by an outside, objective team of observers. Whereas LOSA focuses on safety, LOQA focuses on quality. LOQA shares many of the basic principles of LOSA in that: 

  • LOQA focuses on normal (natural) operations
  • LOQA is confidential and non-punitive
  • LOQA is predictive (when you are being predictive you are being very proactive!)
  • LOQA is complementary to other reactive/proactive/predictive quality (and safety) data collection programs such as LOSA (LOSA and LOQA combined can provide a complete, objective picture of the airline's safety and quality processes)
  • LOQA is an important element of your Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Company training programs can be continuously updated using data obtained from your LOQA results (evidence-based training). This keeps your company training events highly practical, proactive, current, and relevant

LOQA is an observational audit technique conducted by stealth observers (posing as one of your normal customers). Our observers can get the best picture of your airline's operations by observing employees' natural behaviors in their natural working environments. Observational audits are a great way to verify whether procedures, policies, and regulations are being followed. Among others, we can conduct observational audits in the following areas or departments at your airline:

  • Customer service (call center, check-in, gate agents, etc.)
  • Inflight (cabin services)
  • Ground operations (catering, baggage handling, marshaling, aircraft cleaning, security, etc.)



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