Aviation Tele-Consulting

Online aviation consulting for airlines, airports, MROs, helicopter operators, charter and business aviation operators, flight schools, and more!


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The Aviation Consulting Group now provides Aviation Tele-Consulting on a global basis! Tele-Consulting is an ideal way for aviation operators to receive live, face-to-face consulting without the need for travel expenses and lost time from the office. TACG can provide, through a variety of communication platforms, consulting on a highly efficient and cost-effective basis. Tele-Consulting makes sense for a number of reasons, such as:

  • An objective set of eyes for your safety programs
  • Professional, external assistance to fill a gap due to a lack of human resources
  • We can help to bring new Safety Managers up to speed. We can even be your Virtual Safety Manager!
  • You're implementing a new program and want piece of mind that you are doing it correctly




Our Tele-Consulting Communication Platforms Include:

  • GoToMeeting®
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Skype
  • Email


Tele-Consulting Broad-Ranged Assistance (non-exhaustive):

  • Provide high-level organizational safety consulting in such areas as safety culture, safety climate, change management, tests and measures, and more 
  • Provide broad-based safety consulting for new, as well as established, aviation organizations
  • Provide Virtual Safety Consultants/Managers on a short/long-term basis
  • Develop and administer safety surveys (including our Safety Culture Assessment Tool [SCAT])
  • Develop, deploy and assess your safety training programs
  • Develop and deploy customized Webinars


Tele-Consulting Focus Areas (some may also require ground consulting):

Tele-Consulting Packages:

When it comes to our Tele-Consulting services, TACG has a variety of options to choose from. We can provide anything from a one-time "have a few questions session" all the way up to an annual flat-fee Tele-Consulting package, and everything in between. We are very accessible and promise that you will not wait days or weeks for session scheduling! The following Tele-Consulting packages are available:

  • Pay-per-session (billed on an hourly basis)
  • Ten (10) hour package
  • Twenty-five (25) hour package
  • Fifty (50) hour package
  • Annual (12 month) flat-fee package 
  • We can also develop custom packages based on client needs and requirements!

Be sure to ask us about our Virtual Safety Consultant/Manager services!

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