Evidence-Based Training (EBT)

There has been a paradigmatic shift in aviation training.

Until recently, traditional pilot training has focused largely on scenario-based training, with an emphasis on technical skills and knowledge. The tendency was to measure "parameter skills," such as evaluating pilots on their ability to maintain altitude (within + or - xxx feet) or bank angle (within + or - xxx degrees). Other competencies, such as situation awareness, were not being adequately addressed.

Traditional training has also focused on recreating accident scenarios in an attempt to prevent the same type of accident from happening again. The problem is that the training focuses too much on reactive data, at the expense of identifying, and training for, the accident precursors. In other words, more emphasis needed to be put on root causes, versus accident outcomes.

Evidence-based training provides the tools necessary to enable this process. 


EBT Concept And Advantages (the new training approach)

  • Focuses on the management of risks in aviation operations
  • Pilots are exposed to these risks in a learning environment, rather than a checking environment
  • Provides time-efficiency in the FTSD (Flight Training Simulation Device) to help pilots develop resilience to potential risks
  • Training is broken down into eight competency areas (also known as EBT 8), as well as by phase of flight, and is based on the Threat and Error Management Model (TEMM)
  • In addition to FTSD Recurrent training, EBT can also be applied to CRM and Human Factors ground training events to keep these courses relevant, practical, and focused on problematic areas (based on global, as well as the operator's own, safety data)
  • Is an integral part of an operator's Safety Management System (SMS), especially Phases 3 and 4
  • Is an integral part of an operator's resilience profile, as part of a High-Reliability Organization (HRO)


Where Do The EBT Data Sources Come From?


TACG Can Assist With Your EBT-

  • Implementation and foundational processes
  • Evaluation/assessment (objective analysis)
  • Support

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Training Consulting


TACG can assist in the development, deployment and assessment of your safety training needs in a wide variety of areas. We have the experience and know-how to develop outstanding training events; in fact, we have developed training programs and courses for universities, aircraft manufacturers, MROs, airlines and more!




  • Develop customized courses and training events
  • Conduct Training Needs Analyses
  • Help your organization build a solid, exemplary, training foundation
  • Assess/evaluate your current courses and programs
  • Teach courses on a contract basis


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Who Should Attend?

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  • Online Instructors

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  • Organizational Development Practitioners

  • Those Responsible for Training Others

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