CRM Course/Training/Program Assessments


Already have a CRM program? Would you like an objective assessment of your CRM program? You have come to the right place! TACG provides unbiased assessments of CRM programs for all types of aviation operators on a worldwide basis. Our assessments include a thorough analysis of your current CRM program(s), a report of our findings, and recommendations for improvements.

Based on our results, TACG can also provide additional consulting and/or course development to help your aviation organization have the most effective CRM courses possible. Our assessments are conducted as a combination of both onsite and offsite work.

Our capabilities and methods include the following:

  • Onsite work (includes, but not limited to, observations, interviews, and effectiveness of delivery methodologies)
  • Offsite work (includes, but not limited to, a review of applicable CRM manuals, SOPs, training syllabus, and software)
  • Assessments take into consideration the specific State CAA CRM requirements as well as cultural differences
  • Assessments are confidential and are not shared with the Regulator
  • We believe in long-term relationships -- not one-shot deals. We can be your CRM training consultant for the long term, if you choose, ensuring your CRM program is always up-to-date and meets CAA requirements!

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