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We're the first to formally move the Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) program to the cabin! Click here to read more!

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What is Human Factors?

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The multidisciplinary field of human factors is devoted to optimizing human performance and reducing human error. It incorporates the methods and principles of the behavioral and social sciences, engineering, and physiology. It is the applied science that studies people working together in concert with machines. It embraces variables that influence individual performance and variables that influence team or crew performance. It is recognized that inadequate system design or inadequate operator training can contribute to individual human error that leads to system performance degradation (FAA definition). 

Further, it is recognized that inadequate design and management of crew tasks can contribute to group errors that lead to system performance degradation. For cabin crews, it is about understanding how crews use equipment, interpret policies, interact with each other, and generally operate within their working environment.


Why Human Factors?

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Each year, the number of flight operations--and corresponding passenger enplanements--dramatically increases. This has resulted in, among other things, increased operational pressure and much more tightly packed aircraft cabins, which in turn has resulted in a significant increase in cabin and passenger events. Accordingly, there is now the need to deploy additional countermeasures to ensure the highest level of cabin safety on a worldwide basis. HF training is an ideal tool for this purpose.

Although related to Crew Resource Management (CRM)- where an airline typically conducts integrated training with cabin and flight crews--our HF courses focus specifically on the cabin. However, HF training is not meant to replace integrated CRM; rather, HF training is used to augment your current CRM training. We work with large and small airlines, domestic and international.


Cabin Human Factors Program Implementation

TACG can help your airline develop its own self-sustaining Cabin Human Factors program. We provide Human Factors implementation and consultation to large and small airlines on a worldwide basis. We can even work with corporate/business/charter aviation operators! TACG has been providing aviation Human Factors training and program implementation since 2000. We have the experience and know-how to assist your airline with the comprehensive development and deployment of a customized Cabin HF program, including training your trainers.

When developing your courses, we work collaboratively with you to ensure that the training material is relevant and practical. We minimize theory and get right to the point, as we are fully aware of the time constraints for cabin crew training. Need to integrate HF training with CRM training and/or Threat and Error Management training? We can do that too! When developing your course(s), we use Evidence-Based Training (EBT) methodologies to ensure that your training is relevant to your operation. EBT addresses your airline's training needs through in-depth assessment and analysis of hard data...your data.

For additional information on Cabin Human Factors program implementation, please contact us.

Cabin Human Factors Contract Training

Perhaps you are a smaller airline without the necessary resources to develop and/or teach Cabin Human Factors courses on your own? No problem! We can conduct Cabin Human Factors training at your location on a contract basis- with fully customizable courses tailored for time and content. View our HF Initial/Recurrent for Cabin Operations courses.

LOSA for Cabin Operations

A Line Operations Safety Audit for Cabin operations (LOSA-C) is a proactive, formal process that requires expert and highly trained observers to observe operations in real-time and to collect safety-related data on environmental conditions, operational complexity, and human performance in the cabin. Numerous threats exist in the cabin. These threats can emanate from passengers, equipment, procedures, and more. A LOSA-C is an ideal way to identify these threats and understand cabin crew responses. LOSA-C also reveals how errors and undesired cabin states are managed by the cabin crew.

LOSA has been hugely successful on the flight deck. And now, finally, LOSA is available for cabin operations! Airlines that have a Flight LOSA program in conjunction with a Cabin LOSA program will be able to obtain a complete picture of flight deck and cabin operations. They will see how the flightdeck interfaces with the cabin and the cabin with the flightdeck.

For more information on our LOSA-C course. Additional information about our LOSA services.

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