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Full Service Consulting For Startup And Established Airlines

TACG now provides comprehensive consulting to airlines of all sizes and in all locations of the world! Our goal is to assess and improve the quality, operational, and safety processes that are the very fabric of your airline's DNA. We are sure that you'd agree with us that an efficient, high-quality, safe airline will be a more respectable and profitable airline.

Whether your airline is already in pretty good shape, or if you are looking to launch a "Worst to First" campaign, we can provide the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources to help your airline become the airline that others want to be! The best part is, everything that we do is not an expense; it's an investment in your airline, with quantifiable ROI! Those ROI metrics will be reflected through such indicators as improved organizational and safety culture, operational and financial efficiency, image, employee satisfaction, customer service, and safety. 



Airline Startups

TACG can provide full consulting services for startup airlines. We can help you get in the air by providing expert assistance from concept to first revenue flight. These services include:

  • Conceptual analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Funding (presenting your concept to qualified and vetted investors and other seed capital resources)
  • Aircraft selection
  • Management acquisition/placement
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Competition analysis
  • Implementation schedule
  • Services to be offered
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Operations setup (flight, maintenance, cargo, ground)
  • Proving runs
  • Certification and obtainment of AOC
  • Recruitment and training of key personnel



Airline Quality Audits

TACG has developed a Line Operations Quality Audit (LOQA) program for airlines that wish to gain valuable insights into their quality processes by an outside, objective team of observers.

Click Here For Information About Our Line Operations Quality Audits


Services And Solutions

All services are offered as a comprehensive package or a la carte.
Just let us know what you need!

Non-exhaustive list


  • Assess/improve the airline's overall culture (also see Organizational Consulting)
  • Assess/improve the airline's safety culture (also see Safety Culture Assessments)
  • Develop and/or evaluate business plans and organizational strategies
  • Analyze vital business decisions to support growth
  • Advise on organizational restructuring and change management
  • Assess/develop pricing and revenue management strategies and ancillary revenue opportunities
  • Assess/improve customer service (all levels of staff)
  • Develop strategies for sustained competitiveness
  • Assist with airline turnaround process after financial and/or significant negative events
  • Assess alliances, code shares, and bilateral agreements
  • Assess/improve network planning, promotion, marketing, and sales
  • Assess/improve employee sensitivity training
  • Assess/improve employee morale
  • Assist with M&A and privatization 
  • Advise on expansion opportunities
  • Assess/develop recruitment and retention solutions
  • Provide solutions for returning to, or increasing, profitability
  • Assess/improve branding, promotion, and image



  • Assess/improve internal and external (customer) communication processes

  • Conduct audits

  • Assess/improve on-time performance

  • Assess/improve operations control, MRO facilities, and maintenance performance

  • Assess/improve regulatory compliance

  • Assess/improve cargo logistics and processes

  • Analyze fuel and currency hedging options to reduce volatility risks

  • Assess/improve performance and reliability

  • Assess/Improve ground operations

  • Conduct observations (known or stealth) of all areas of operations (i..e., check-in procedures, cabin service, electronic/live customer service experiences, etc.)

  • Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation

  • Assess/improve/implement training and development (including CRM, Human Factors, SMS, LOSA, FRMS, and Train-The-Trainer programs)

  • Implement flight data monitoring (FDM) program

  • Assess/improve/develop a safety reporting system

  • Assess/improve/develop safety manuals and SOPs

  • Assess/improve/develop aviation security systems and procedures


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