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TACG Specializes In Improving Airline Safety- Worldwide

The Aviation Consulting Group (TACG) has been helping airlines improve their safety performance since 2000. TACG's mission statement is, "Above All...Safer Skies." It's our simple way of communicating our commitment and dedication to aviation safety.

TACG President and Chief Consultant Dr. Bob Baron has been involved in aviation since 1988, with extensive experience as a pilot, educator, and aviation safety advocate. Unlike some other "safety consultants," Dr. Baron has the proven and time-tested qualifications and experience to assist airlines on a global basis. This includes a Ph.D degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (the things safety culture and SMS are built on), as well as degrees in Aeronautical Science (Specializations in Human Factors and Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems) and Professional Aeronautics (Minor in Aviation/Aerospace Safety). In other words, Dr. Baron has a formal education in organizational behavior and aviation safety, which is extremely important when attempting to facilitate organizational change in order to improve safety at your airline. Combine that with years of practical experience as a jet captain and check airman, and you truly have an aviation safety consultant/advocate that "gets it."

Since safety starts at the top, TACG will work with your airline using a top-down approach. Without true management buy-in and commitment, safety will not be effective at lower levels, and programs that depend on a healthy safety culture, such as SMS and Human Factors, will be bound to fail. Accidents are typically not caused by a single errant individual, but rather a chain of events that may have been hiding in the organizational system for months or even years (also known as latent conditions). The individual that causes the accident may simply be the "trigger puller" of a chain of systemic failures. Dr. Baron discusses this in more detail in his article, The Organizational Accident. Or not

In order to have a profitable airline, you need to have a safe airline. Aviation is a high-risk industry. Safety Risk Management (SRM) is key in proactively addressing hazards and risks before they become incidents or accidents. All airlines should strive to become a high-reliability organization (HRO).

What Is A High-Reliability Organization?

A high-reliability organization (HRO) is an organization that has succeeded in avoiding catastrophes in an environment where normal accidents can be expected due to risk factors and complexity.

There are Five Characteristics of a High-Reliability Organization:

  • Preoccupation with failure
  • Reluctance to simplify interpretations
  • Sensitivity to operations
  • Commitment to resilience
  • Deference to expertise



Reactive or Proactive? 

Often, airlines seek our assistance, reactively, after an unfortunate event. The accident investigation typically reveals all of the latent, and active, conditions that formed the accident chain. The airline may be in "crisis mode" and things need to be fixed immediately. Perhaps there was too much drift in the safety space and the airline needs to get back to baseline performance...quickly. While "fixing things after they break" is not the ideal way to prevent accidents, it is assumed that the accident will serve as a wakeup call and things will change for the better. TACG can assist with this transformative process to help your airline get back on track to exemplary safety performance, and in the good graces of the CAA. 

On the other hand, we have airlines that address safety proactively (preventing the accident from happening in the first place). These airlines work hard to identify hazards and risks, and address them on a timely basis. An example of an airline being proactive would be having a LOSA program. LOSA is predictive, which is the ultimate form of proactive safety. Airlines that are proactive fully understand the production/protection scales, and that safety doesn't cost money; it actually makes money, which can make the CEO and upper-management very happy (read about safety ROI here). TACG is ready to work with your airline to proactively manage safety through training, consulting, and program implementation.


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