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Establish an effective safety system



TACG Can Make Your Airline Safer--From The Start!

If you are in the airline startup process, you no doubt have your work cut out for you. There are myriad business processes that must be addressed on many levels. But many startup airlines don't put enough emphasis on the inextricably linked safety process. Safety needs to be part of the big picture, and it also needs to start from the very beginning of the new airline's business process. In fact, with the proper integration of safety processes, it can be easier for airlines, due to the fact that they are working with a "clean slate," as opposed to an airline that has developed some bad habits over many years.



We will work side-by-side with your business implementation team to ensure a smooth, symbiotic integration of business and safety principles. Our safety implementation team has extensive global experience (including developing, and island, nations) and is available for short or long term consulting engagements. Our consulting modalities include onsite and teleconference.



In addition to large and small airlines, we can also work with air charter and helicopter startups. Regardless of the type of your startup, we promise that our plan of action will be customized and tailored to the client's needs and requirements. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to safety!


A Non-Exhaustive List Of How We Can Assist

TACG can work with your startup airline in various capacities. We can provide services on an a la carte basis, or, we can provide a complete safety solution from the start. We are very flexible and scalable! Regardless of the level of assistance you require, we offer the following (non-exhaustive) safety solutions for your new airline:

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