What is CASI?

TACG has launched the Caribbean Aviation Safety Initiative (CASI) in an effort to proactively, and collectively, improve aviation safety in the Caribbean region. Our collective approach will allow operators in the Caribbean region to tap into our vast safety management training and consulting resources for a fraction of the cost! 

CASI is the first of a series of regional safety support services offered by TACG. With a focus on the unique attributes of the Caribbean region, CASI aims to support all types of aviation organizations based in the Caribbean, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Airlines
  • Charter Operators
  • Helicopter Operators
  • Airports
  • Ground Service Providers (GSPs)
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)
  • Flight Schools
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities



The CASI Mission

Ensure that each Operator in the Caribbean region has a model safety management system (SMS) that not only meets, but also exceeds, Regulatory requirements. This is accomplished by utilizing a collective, proactive approach to safety, with significant cost-savings to Operators. 



Introducing The Virtual Safety Office (VSO) 


We realize that safety is not "one size fits all." That's why we are offering our Virtual Safety Office (VSO) solution to Caribbean Operators. The VSO is targeted toward the smaller operators that may not have the resources or expertise to manage their own Safety Management System. A VSO can provide your company the same capability as larger organizations by using an SMS Internet portal operated by a TACG Safety Analyst Mentor. A VSO enables smaller operators to realize the capabilities of a robust SMS Web application, but for a very low monthly subscription fee. A dedicated, trained, TACG Safety Analyst Mentor will become part of your VSO and perform the following functions:

  • SMS Application administration
  • Hazard/Safety event identification, analysis, tracking, and assignment
  • Trend analysis
  • Assist with risk analysis
  • Create reports
  • Client coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Track and manage action item assignments
  • Perform safety promotion activities (surveys and newsletters)
  • Update stored manuals, documents, policies, and procedures, as directed by client

The VSO is scalable! When your company grows, so can your safety portal, with additional modules and features! 







Join CASI today!

It's free to join! Start improving safety today with the benefits of CASI membership!

As a CASI member, you can select the safety options that best fit your needs and budget: 

Option 1: Virtual Safety Office monthly subscription with Safety Analyst Mentor
(12 month renewable subscription)

Option 2 (flat-fee total safety package):
(6 or 12 month renewable package)

  • Virtual Safety Office
  • Safety Analyst Mentor
  • Safety consulting (virtual and onsite)
  • Onsite assistance with SMS implementation and training
  • SMS Gap Analysis 
  • Onsite training (including Human Factors, CRM, Train-The-Trainer, Fatigue Risk Management)
  • Onsite presentations/workshops

To join CASI, please fill out the form by clicking here.


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