Safety Culture Assessments


Did you know you can quantify (and qualify) safety culture?


Did you know the NTSB uses a safety culture checklist when it investigates accidents?


Did you know that pathogenic safety cultures contributed significantly to the crashes of

Continental Express Flight 2574 and Chalks Ocean Airways Flight 101?



Have you checked your safety culture lately?


The Aviation Consulting Group provides safety culture assessments for clients wishing to understand the current status of their safety culture. With the use of our proprietary Safety Culture Assessment Tool (SCAT), we can unobtrusively drill-down into your organizational culture to discover areas that could use improvement as well as your safety strong points!



The SCAT is a short online survey that only requires 10-15 minutes to complete. Once the data are collected and analyzed by us, we provide a comprehensive report of our findings including recommendations and suggestions. It is important to keep in mind that a healthy safety culture is a pre-requisite for implementing and maintaining a truly effective Safety Management System.


The SCAT is now available for flight operations as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities (MROs). All data collected are anonymous and maintained securely at our office. We recommend conducting an initial SCAT and then conducting follow-up assessments on a six month or one-year basis. This ongoing process allows the organization to see what, if any, safety culture changes are occurring and in which direction.

The fee for SCAT administration is based on company size, making the SCAT affordable for any size operation! For additional information please contact us.