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Fatigue Risk Management Courses

Fatigue has, and continues to be, implicated in all segments of the aviation industry as a causal factor in accidents and incidents. These segments include flight operations, maintenance, and air traffic control. Only recently has fatigue received the attention it deserves in the aviation industry. Some of this recent attention has come in the form of prescriptive measures (such as the FAA overhaul of flight crew duty/rest requirements for FAR Part 121 air carriers). Other recent measures have included development and deployment of systematic, holistic, fatigue risk management systems (FRMS) that have become embedded in organizations' functional Safety Management Systems.

TACG offers fatigue awareness and FRMS implementation courses for airlines, MROs, and Part 135/business aviation operators. Our Fatigue Awareness course provides attendees with a practical overview of fatigue and its insidious effects in the aviation environment. We also provide FRMS implementation courses for flight and maintenance (MRO) operations.