Global Reachout



The Aviation Consulting Group is a globally recognized leader in aviation safety training, consulting, and program implementation. Our slogan is, "Above All...Safer Skies," and in our 18 years of doing business, we are confident that we have made a difference. We have provided our services to aviation organizations in all parts of the world, and will continue to do so in our efforts to make the global air transportation as safe as possible. Our success has put us in a position where we are able to give back to the aviation community that we proudly serve. Welcome to our Global Reachout program!  

What Is TACG's Global Reachout All About?

Our Global Reachout program is our way of making sure that no aviation company gets left behind. Regardless of the operator's location, we want to be able to reach out and provide assistance in some way. To that end, we are flexible with the solutions that we can provide, which include discounted--or even pro bono--training and consulting services.


Who Qualifies For Global Reachout And How Does It Work?

Global Reachout focuses on operators in lesser-served/developing country regions that may have difficulties in attaining expert assistance with safety programs such as Safety Management Systems (SMS), Human Factors, and Crew Resource Management (CRM). Qualifying companies may receive our training and consulting services at reduced, or no, cost through various platforms such as onsite, offsite, and online.


Note: Some limitations and restrictions may apply, due to geopolitical situations that are beyond our control.

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