Helicopter Safety Programs

Helicopter Safety

The Aviation Consulting Group provides safety training and consulting for helicopter operators on a worldwide basis.TACG understands the unique and challenging environments that helicopter companies face every day.

We work with-

  • Offshore transport (oil platforms)
  • Executive/PAX transport
  • Sightseeing/tour operators
  • Heavy lift operators
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS)
  • Fire control
  • Flight training schools

TACG has safety programs that will benefit your company by increasing safety, reducing risk, and even potentially reduce your insurance premiums!


CRM Program Development

TACG is a globally recognized, leading provider of aviation Crew Resource Management (CRM) program development. TACG has been providing CRM program development to aviation operators on a worldwide basis since 2000. Our CRM courses are cost-effective, flexible, and practical (we minimize theory and maximize real-word experiences, examples, and case studies). TACG's CRM courses meet and exceed the requirements of Regulators worldwide. For more information on CRM, click here.


SMS Program Development

TACG provides holistic, or a la carte, solutions for your company's SMS needs and/or requirements. Our solutions have been developed in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). We know how SMS works from both the State Regulator (we assist CAAs with State Safety Program [SSP] implementation) as well as the Operator sides! For more information on SMS, click here.


LOSA Program Development

A Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) is a proactive, formal process that requires expert and highly trained observers to observe operations in real-time and to collect safety-related data on environmental conditions, operational complexity, and human performance in the cockpit. Numerous operator and environmental threats exist in the rotary wing environment. These threats can be due to weather, delays, maintenance, procedures, and more. A LOSA is an ideal way to identify these threats and understand pilot responses. LOSA also reveals how errors and undesired aircraft states are managed by pilots. For more information on LOSA, click here.