ICAO Harmonization


Need to get up to ICAO standards?


ICAO Signatory States

States that are signatory to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have a responsibility for implementing and retaining standards and recommended practices (SARPs) per ICAO guidelines. The level of implementation and retention of standards can vary from operator to operator, depending on the operator's safety culture and its corresponding formal management of safety (i.e., Safety Management System). Many times, an operator can be blinded to deficiencies in its safety standards due to its lack of "being able to see the forest through the trees." This is where TACG can help. We can offer an objective set of eyes to ensure that your operation is harmonized with ICAO SARPs. 

ICAO Non-Signatory States

What are you waiting for! The time is now to harmonize and build a strong safety culture in your State! TACG can help you map out a plan to bring your State (or individual operation) up to ICAO standards.

We Work With-

  • Airports (including ISAGO pre-audits, Annex 14/17 harmonization and compliance)

  • Airlines

  • MROs (maintenance repair and overhaul facilities)

  • Helicopter Operators

  • Flight Schools

  • Civil Aviation Authorities

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