LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit) Overview Webinar


    The Aviation Consulting Group is offering a Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) Overview Webinar to aviation operators on a worldwide basis. Our LOSA Overview Webinar is targeted to those operators that are in the investigative stages of LOSA.


    This Webinar is face-to-face, in real time, and includes 30 minutes for Questions and Answers at the end of the 60-minute presentation.


    Title LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit) Overview Webinar

    Are you in the investigative stages of LOSA? This LOSA Overview Webinar is an ideal way to get educated about the benefits of a LOSA program!

    Targeted Organizations
    Airlines (cockpit and cabin), Helicopter Operators, Ground Service Providers (GSPs), Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facilities (MROs), and Military/Defense Organizations
    Location/Time Online, on request
    1.5 hours (includes :30 min. Q&A)
    Language English
    Technical Requirements
    Provided upon registration (dependent on number of participants)
    Who Should Attend
    LOSA Coordinator and potential (or known) members of your LOSA Steering Committee
    Learning Outcomes
    Main Topics
    • LOSA Benefits
    • LOSA Importance
    • 10 Operating Characteristics of LOSA
    • LOSA Process and Timeline
    • LOSA Software
    • The LOSA Report
    • Q & A Session
    Meet Your Presenter

    Dr. Robert (Bob) Baron

    TACG President/Chief Consultant

    Click here for Dr. Baron’s full biography

    $250.00 (refundable as a credit with purchase of one of our LOSA implementation packages).
    For aviation companies only (i.e., Safety/Quality team members). Not for individuals or consultants.
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    LOSA Information
    Learn more about LOSA by clicking here