Title Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) Overview Seminar

This free, no obligation LOSA Overview seminar is an ideal way to become familiar with the benefits of implementing a LOSA program at your airline. LOSA provides a proactive (predictive) approach to flight safety by identifying precursors to accidents and incidents. In most cases, these precursors would not be made known by other typical data collection methods.

Who Should Attend Safety and Quality Managers, Training Manager, Dept. Heads, and other company employees with a responsibility for flight safety. This seminar is an excellent starting point for those people who are not that familiar with LOSA, or are currently in the "investigative stage," for LOSA implementation within their airline.

On request at your facility. We conduct this seminar worldwide!



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Duration 4.0 hrs. (half-day)
Time Morning or afternoon options
What to Bring N/A
Included Slides
  • Introduction
  • LOSA Definition
  • LOSA Benefits
  • Importance of LOSA
  • The LOSA Process
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