Why Online Consulting?

The Aviation Consulting Group provides online consulting on a global basis! Online consulting is an ideal way for aviation operators to receive live, face-to-face consulting without the need for travel expenses and lost time from the office. TACG can provide, through a variety of communication platforms, consulting on a highly efficient and cost-effective basis. Online consulting makes sense for a number of reasons, such as:

  • An objective set of eyes for your safety programs
  • Professional, external assistance to fill a gap due to a lack of human resources
  • We can help to bring new Safety Managers up to speed. We can even be your Virtual Safety Manager!
  • You're implementing a new program and want piece of mind that you are doing it correctly

Online Consulting Services (non-exhaustive):


Our Online Consulting Communication Platforms Include:

  • Web conference
  • Skype
  • Email



TACG offers free, no obligation, initial SMS consultations via Skype or teleconference! Click here to request your free consult!


Online Consulting Packages:

When it comes to our online consulting services, TACG has a variety of options to choose from. We can provide anything from a one-time "have a few questions session" all the way up to an annual, flat-fee, online consulting package, and everything in between. We are very accessible and promise that you will not wait days or weeks for session scheduling! The following online consulting packages are available:

  • Pay-per-session (billed on an hourly basis)
  • Ten (10) hour package
  • Twenty-five (25) hour package
  • Fifty (50) hour package
  • Annual (12 month) flat-fee package 
  • We can also develop custom packages based on client needs and requirements!

Be sure to ask us about our Virtual Safety Consultant/Manager services!

To receive a quote, or to request additional information, please click here.