Dr. Robert (Bob) Baron
TACG President/Chief Consultant
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  • SMS
  • Human Factors
  • LOSA
  • CRM
  • Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Safety Culture/Climate
  • Training Development
  • Organizational Behavior



Dr. Preven Naidoo


  • Human Factors
  • CRM
  • LOSA
  • Aircraft Accident Investigation
  • Data Analysis
  • Organizational Behavior

Dr. Naidoo is a recognized leader in the fields of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Human Factors (HF), Safety Management Systems (SMS), Human Factors Design, Advanced Aircraft Training, Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA), aviation safety, organizational behavior, and quality improvement. Dr. Naidoo has been involved as the lead project manager at South African Airways for their Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA program) in 2010. This included initial set up, design and implementation. He has also been involved in LOSA projects with two other large international carriers.

From 2010 – present, Dr. Naidoo has been involved in various aviation human factors research projects and worked with experts from the University of Pretoria, University of South Australia, and the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Projects included an analysis of human factor automation issues in both general aviation and civil airliners. Dr. Naidoo is presently an airline pilot (instructor) on the Airbus A340/A330 with approximately 11,000 hours experience, and the Human Factors Manager at South African Airways.

Dr. Naidoo publishes extensively on human factors in aviation, automation issues, and flight training, to improve flight safety, and embedding human factors engineering in the aviation system. He authored the book, "Airline Pilots’ Perceptions of Advanced Flight Deck Automation."



Chris Howell


  • Software Development
  • Database Development
  • IT

Chris Howell fell in love with computers in 1992 as he ended ten years in the logging industry. He was also an Engineer officer in the Idaho Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserves. Now, as a software engineer and manager of NorthWest Data Solutions, Chris provides technology solutions and architecture consulting for databases, Mobile and Web applications. This includes training, on-site consulting, research and prototype development in the areas of RFID, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle architecture design, Mobile applications and Web services development.

Chris trained adult students in database design and development and office applications in his early years as a computer professional. During that time, his hobbies included C programming with object oriented design methodologies. With this experience, he applies a considerable amount of knowledge to practical object-oriented design, user interface design, database modeling, Internet development and enterprise system design, as well as direct experience with a variety of technologies. He is an expert with ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, ADO.NET, Java, database design & development, and XML Web Services.

His latest pursuits include developing and marketing two Web-based aviation safety management applications as he manages a team of developers. Chris has a Bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems with minors in Psychology and Spanish.



Ed Libassi


  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Aviation Maintenance Expert Witness

Ed Libassi has dedicated his life to aviation. His reliability, insight and no nonsense approach has given his clients the confidence to trust their lives and the lives of their families, in his able hands.

At the age of 18, Edward Libassi graduated from aviation high school and received his airframe and power plant maintenance licenses. He quickly threw open the doors of his newly founded company, A&P Aircraft Maintenance, and after several years of general aviation repair; he received his IA endorsement in 1985. While growing professionally within the aviation industry as a reliable source with excellent customer care, he acted as lead mechanic and union shop steward for the third largest airline company in the U.S., Eastern Airlines.

Under his leadership the company became synonymous with safety and efficiency. Taking those valued qualities and in-the-field know-how, Ed decided to focus on A&P, growing his business to be the largest aircraft maintenance facility on Long Island and a powerful force within the aviation community.

Ed is committed to providing the highest quality of expert consultant services for individuals, corporations or legal counsel. Ed’s past history, on the ground, hands-on experience provides the kind of knowledge and understanding only a true source of expertise possesses. He will deliver the results you want, keeping you informed, prepared and confident in any aviation inquiry.



Craig Barraclough


  • Helicopter Operations 

Craig is a results-oriented, accomplished senior manager and professional pilot with more than 20 years of experience working for global aviation leaders in diverse environments. Craig has a talent for streamlining business operations to achieve enterprise excellence in terms of growth, efficiency and profitability. Craig uses a solutions-oriented client service approach, working with Managing Directors, Heads of Aviation, Country Managers, and International Audit Teams for major oil and gas companies worldwide.

As a subject matter expert (SME) in helicopter operations, Craig provides consulting and training to companies wishing to improve their culture, safety, and quality processes. Craig is also our Helicopter CRM instructor, delivering CRM courses to helicopter operators on a global basis.



Rick Darby


  • Editing and Report Writing

Rick has been a writer/editor in aviation safety since 1995. You may be familiar with his extensive writing contributions to AeroSafety World, a publication of the Flight Safety Foundation. Rick is responsible for the final editing of our LOSA reports, which are distributed to our LOSA customers around the world.

Besides an aviation knowledge base, Rick also has a strong interest in, and knowledge of, investments, particularly equities. Other enthusiasms: classical history, literature, psychical research. Rick also has a good understanding of written French and can speak French decently, especially after a few days of immersion in a French-speaking environment.



Bruce Bachelor


  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance
  • Training Development and Facilitation

Bruce has extensive experience as a Human Factors course developer and facilitator. With an extensive background in aircraft maintenance, including an outstanding career at Cessna Aircraft in Wichita, KS, Bruce has the skills and knowledge to assist companies in the development and implementation of Human Factors courses within their own organizations. Bruce has the gift of making complex (and technical) subjects easy to understand.

Bruce had the lead role in the development of Cessna Aircraft's Human Factors program, in consultation with TACG, in 2006. This was a collaborative, 6-month project with the goal of incorporating Human Factors training to all of the Cessna locations (2300+ employees). The Human Factors program included development of customized training media, Train-The-Trainer courses, and assessment methods. The collaboration was a success and yielded excellent results. In fact, Cessna Aircraft has been cited in the media as having a “world class” Human Factors training program (cited in Aviation Maintenance Magazine, January 2009).



Grahame Austin


  • Ramp and Airside Safety

Before starting with the In-Flight Catering industry, Grahame spent the previous 12 years as a professional long-haul truck driver, traveling from the UK into mainland Europe. This job was a BIG learning curve in helped him to understand other peoples' thoughts, culture, beliefs, language, pride, and tolerances.That vocation is not so much a job, but more a way of life. It taught Grahame so much and he will never regret doing it.

However, after spending 30 years within the In-Flight Catering industry, Grahame has come to realize just how passionate he is with regard to both 'general' airside safety, and to a higher degree, "overall ramp safety". And because of accumulating those years of experience, he ultimately became a mentor, advisor, visionary, and trainer to many who wished to follow that same path.

From day one at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (AMS) working for Gate Gourmet, Delta Airlines became "Grahame's airline," and over the years he helped them [both] from one flight per day, up to European Hub status, with twenty Delta flights per day at AMS. During those years, and working closely with the airline, he traveled around Europe assisting GG kitchens with their Delta 'start-ups' as, and when, required.

Grahame's abject wish is to see all major airports have a static, de-commissioned, fully equipped, long haul aircraft to serve as a training module for every aspect of daily flight operations...security, anti-terrorism, catering, cleaning, engineering....everything that is inherently involved within daily flight operations.

Grahame's personal view about the ramp...."The safety of every flight begins on the ground."



Dwayne Hoyt


  • Aviation Security

Dwayne has more than 18 years in the airline/aviation security industry. Five years as a Supervisor for America West Airlines and then Airport Operations Supervisor at a Part 139 airport. Dwayne graduated in 2012 from the Department of Homeland Security Incident Response Terrorist Bombing Course (IRTB) in Socorro, New Mexico, where he received his Train-The-Trainer certification.

Dwayne is currently an aviation security director. Among other things, he provides instructing and consulting in how to recognize, respond, and support Federal and Local Law Enforcement if security threats occur. Dwayne provides expert training and consulting with his Airport Threat Assessment Program (ATAP) and Active Shooter Programs, as well as much more.