SMS Overview Webinar


    • Presented online, on request, for your aviation organization
    • Are you in the investigative stages of SMS? This SMS overview webinar is an ideal way to get educated about the requirements and benefits of an SMS program!
    • TACG specializes in SMS training and program implementation for any type of aviation organization

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    Title SMS Overview Webinar
    Lots of buzz going around lately about Safety Management Systems! Perhaps you've read up on SMS and still have many questions. You may know that SMS has, or will, become mandatory for virtually all aviation operators over the next few years. Our SMS Overview Webinar is the perfect starting point to separate fact from fiction as you begin thinking about SMS implementation at your own organization. This Webinar is jam-packed with information that you can use immediately, to help you make informed decisions as you begin the SMS implementation process.
    Targeted Organizations
    Airlines, Airports, MROs, Helicopter Operators, Business/Part 91 Operators, Part 135 Operators, Flight Schools, Ground Service Providers (GSPs), and all other aviation organizations that would like to learn more about SMS.
    Location/Time Online, on request
    8.0 hours
    Language English
    Technical Requirements
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    Who Should Attend
    Safety/quality managers and middle management. This Webinar is an excellent starting point for those people that are not that familiar with SMS, or are currently in the "investigative stage," for SMS implementation within their own company. This Webinar is also ideal for any person interested in gaining knowledge of SMS concepts, principles, and philosophies.
    Learning Outcomes
    Main Topics
    • SMS Fundamentals
    • Introduction to SMS
    • Policy
    • Safety Risk Management
    • Safety Assurance
    • Safety Promotion
    • SMS Implementation Plan
    • GAP Analysis
    • SMS Manual
    • Safety Culture
    • Reporting Systems
    Meet Your Presenter

    Dr. Robert (Bob) Baron

    TACG President/Chief Consultant

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    SMS Information
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