Safety Culture Assessments

The Aviation Consulting Group provides safety culture assessments for organizations that wish to understand the current status of their safety culture. With our multi-pronged approach, we can unobtrusively drill down into your organizational culture to discover areas that could use improvement, as well as your safety strong points! Our methodology includes an online survey and an onsite visit.



Online Survey

We use our proprietary Safety Culture Assessment Tool (SCAT) as our online survey instrument, a very powerful tool that quantifies (and qualifies) employee attitudes towards safety culture. The SCAT measures an organization's culture on three scales; Corporate CultureSafety Culture, and Corporate Communication, and only requires 10-15 minutes to complete.

SCAT Benefits-

  • Can be conducted completely online 
  • Collects employee opinions and attitudes about safety culture, completely anonymously
  • No setup needed on client side. TACG handles the entire online survey process
  • Data collected are both quantitative (scaled responses) as well as qualitative (short textual narratives) to give a more complete picture



Onsite Visit

Our onsite visit allows us to gain an objective, real-time peek into your safety culture. We will be as unobtrusive as possible as we conduct observations and anonymous, informal interviews with personnel at various levels of the organizational hierarchy. 

Onsite Visit Benefits-

  • Real-time measurement of the organization's safety culture
  • Objective assessment by a neutral third-party
  • Not an audit and no judgment!
  • Can be conducted in conjunction with an SMS Gap Analysis



Analysis And Report

Once the data are collected, we then analyze the results and provide a comprehensive report of our findings, including recommendations and suggestions. All data collected are anonymous and maintained securely at our office.

It is important to keep in mind that a healthy safety culture is a pre-requisite for implementing and maintaining a truly effective Safety Management System. Therefore, we recommend conducting an initial safety culture assessment and then conducting follow-up assessments on a one or two-year basis. This ongoing process allows the organization to see what, if any, safety culture changes are occurring, and in which direction.



Fees And Options

The fee for our full safety culture assessment is based on company size, making it affordable for any size operation!

We also offer the option to uncouple the online survey from the onsite visit. We can conduct the online survey only--or--the onsite visit only. Although we recommend the coupled assessment for the most robust data gathering, we understand that some organizations may prefer to deploy just one method.



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