Evidence-Based Training (EBT)



What Is Evidence-Based Training (EBT)?

"It is impossible to foresee all plausible accident scenarios, especially in today’s aviation system where its complexity and high reliability mean that the next accident may be something completely unexpected. EBT addresses this by moving from pure scenario-based training, to prioritizing the development and assessment of key competencies, leading to a better training outcome. The scenarios recommended in EBT are simply a vehicle and a means to assess and develop competence. Mastering a finite number of competencies should allow a pilot to manage situations in flight that are unforeseen by the aviation industry and for which the pilot has not been specifically trained" (Source: ICAO).



EBT Characteristics-

  • Relatively new paradigm for training and assessment
  • Based on evidence collected in operations and training on a global basis. The large dataset currently available provides crucial baseline data
  • Data sources include surveys, safety reports, LOSA observations, and FDA
  • Measures outcomes according to a given set of behavioral indicators
  • Measures competencies rather than criterion-based test conditions (i.e., pass/fail)
  • Builds resilience by focusing on the management of threats, errors, and undesired aircraft states (precursors to accidents and incidents)
  • Better prepares flightcrews for unforeseen situations (i.e., the events that "can never happen")
  • Not mandatory, but is endorsed and supported by most State Regulators
  • Implementation requires time (approximately 2-3 years) through a phased approach
  • Cannot be “off the shelf.” Each airline, or Aviation Training Organization (ATO), must tailor its training based on its specific needs and operational environment
  • Cost effective. Over time, an airline will be able to quantify a positive ROI!

How We Can Help

TACG has the experience and know-how to assist your airline, or Aviation Training Organization (ATO), with the implementation of an EBT program. Since EBT implementation can be a complex and time-consuming process, we focus on building a long-term relationship with our clients, providing assistance from pre-EBT all the way through the fully deployed, functional EBT program, and beyond!


Our EBT Services Include-

  • High-level informational workshops (upper-management)
  • Training needs assessments
  • Preliminary guidance and program design
  • Collaboration with your State Regulator (CAA)
  • Workshops for flightcrews and instructors
  • Training and support for EBT instructors
  • Development of necessary documentation
  • Software and data collection/analysis solutions
  • Monitoring and measurement (effectiveness and continuous improvement)



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