Title Fatigue Awareness
Overview This course provides the attendee with a practical overview of the causes and effects of fatigue in aviation operations. As an awareness course, our goal is to increase the attendee's knowledge of fatigue and in turn be able to use that knowledge to adopt personal fatigue countermeasures while on and off the job.
Who Should Attend This course is applicable to all employees at all levels of an organization. All segments of the aviation industry will benefit from attending this course; This includes flight operations, airports, ATC, MRO's and more.
Location Options
Duration 6.0 hrs. (1 day)
Time 9:00am-4:00pm (includes a one hour break for lunch)
What to Bring N/A
  • Coursebook
  • Handouts
  • Certificate of Training
  • Fatigue Basics
  • Sleep Disorders
  • The Effects of Fatigue
  • Fatigue Countermeasures
  • Various Case Studies/Examples