Interviewing and Investigation Course

3 Days

The first part of this course will help you develop/improve your skills related to collecting safety information from individuals or groups following a safety occurrence. In most cases, interviews should be conducted by someone who has the proper skills and training in order to be able to obtain the required information from witnesses. The second part of this course focuses on safety occurrence investigation techniques and methodologies. In total, this course provides the attendee with the tools, resources, and necessary practice to be a knowledgeable and effective investigator within your company.  


Who Should Attend?

Those company employees responsible for conducting safety interviews and investigations. This includes, but is not limited to, the Safety Manager, Quality Manager, Department Heads, or any other employee who needs, or requires, the ability to conduct interviews and investigations within the organization.   



  • Introduction to Interviewing 

  • The Basics of Communication

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • The Interview Process

  • Interviewing Exercises and Practice (including role-play)

  • Introduction to Investigations

  • Purpose of Investigations

  • Types of Investigations

  • Investigation Models

  • Analyzing Data 

  • Writing Effective Reports

  • Investigation Exercises and Practice

  • Various Case Studies  


  • Define the General Interview Process 

  • Interpret Both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Responses

  • Develop an Interview Methodology

  • Conduct Mock Interviews (classroom activities)

  • Define the Purpose of Investigations

  • Understand the Various Investigation Models

  • Analyze Safety Data

  • Write Effective Reports 

  • Conduct Mock Investigations (classroom activities)



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