Airport Safety Management


We Don't Build Airports.

But We Do Make Them Safer!



Airports are complex structures, with many different types of operations occurring at any particular time. On the ramp, these operations include fueling, baggage handling, aircraft taxiing/parking/pushing back, de-icing, passenger shuttles, maintenance, and much, much more.

Because of all this activity, it is no surprise that human error is prevalent on the ramp. This is demonstrated by the seemingly daily occurrences of vehicles contacting aircraft, and aircraft contacting other aircraft during normal ramp operations.

Landside areas are also complex operations, and safety always needs to be addressed proactively. The bigger the airport (infrastructure), the more resources will be required to ensure safe operations. This also includes the effective integration of safety and security.

TACG is ready to help make your airport safer! We can provide safety and security training, consulting, and auditing services for airside and landside operations. We also work with ground service providers (GSPs) and airport contractors.