Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Course

2 Days

RCA is a critical element of the organization's safety management process. RCA enables a trained investigator to determine the root cause(s) of safety occurrences. Once root cause(s) are identified, corrective actions can then be implemented, preventing similar occurrences from happening again in the future. Since there are a number of investigative methods for conducting RCAs, this course presents a variety of options for conducting RCAs, with a focus on the most common methods used in the aviation industry.


Who Should Attend?

Those company employees responsible for conducting safety occurrence investigations. This includes, but is not limited to, the Safety Manager, Department Heads, Quality Managers, or any other employee who needs, or requires, an in-depth understanding of how to conduct RCAs.   



  • Introduction to RCA

  • The RCA Process

  • RCA Models and Tools (general)

  • RCA Models and Tools (aviation-industry specific)

  • Corrective Actions

  • RCA Monitoring and Measurement- Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs)

  • Building a Safety Case to Present to Management

  • Case Studies

  • RCA Exercises and Practice


  • Define and Understand RCA

  • Apply Appropriate RCA Tools/Models

  • Conduct RCAs to Identify Root Causes of Occurrences

  • Implement Corrective Actions

  • Develop SPIs

  • Build and Present a Safety Case to Management

  • Practice RCA With Case Studies and Exercises



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