Title Safety Culture Development
  • Define Safety Culture
  • Measure Safety Culture
  • Develop a Healthy Safety Culture
  • Maintain a Healthy Safety Culture
  • Understand the Important Relationship Between Safety Culture and SMS
Who Should Attend

It is recommended that high-level management attend this course. In addition, those company employees responsible for implementing and/or overseeing the organization's SMS. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safety Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Safety Review Board (SRB)

  • Stakeholders

  • Department Heads 

  • Accountable Managers

  • Civil Aviation Authority Representatives

  • Other People That Would Like to Learn About Safety Culture

Location Options
Duration 16.0 hrs. (2 days)
Time 8:00am-5:00pm daily (includes a one hour break for lunch)
What to Bring Laptop computer with Adobe Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • This course includes administration of TACG's proprietary Safety Culture Assessment Tool (SCAT) survey. The survey is administered electronically before the course date. As a baseline measure, we analyze the data and present the SCAT results to you as part of your course. This provides your company with a current snapshot of your safety culture with recommendations for improvement, as well as reinforcement of strong points.
  • Coursebook
  • Handouts
  • Certificate of Training
  • Introduction to Corporate Culture

  • What is Safety Culture?

  • Relationship Between Safety Culture and High-Reliability Organizations (HROs)

  • Benefits of a Safe Culture (including ROI)

  • Steps to Develop a Safer Culture

  • Safety Culture Assessment Tool (SCAT) Results

  • Safety Culture Measurement and Monitoring (developing SPIs)

  • Safety Culture and SMS

  • Various Case Studies