Aviation Safety Tele-Consulting



Online Options

  • Virtual Safety Office
  • Safety Analyst Mentor
  • Safety Management System (SMS) Documentation Review
  • Risk Analysis Assistance
  • Safety Review Board (SRB) Participation
  • Round Table Sessions (brainstorming)
  • Mentoring/Coaching for Safety Managers
  • Safety Webinars and Presentations (customizable, presented live) 
  • Online Training (for individuals or groups, presented live; please inquire about online course availability)


Affordable for any budget!

When it comes to our Tele-Consulting services, we have hourly, as well as flat-fee packages, to suit any budget. We are very accessible and promise that you will not wait days or weeks for session scheduling!



Online Platforms

  • Teleconference 
  • Skype®
  • SMS Internet Portal (for VSO)
  • WhatsApp®
  • Email




There are many smaller aviation service providers without the infrastructure or expertise to efficiently manage their own SMS. These operators are not SMS subject matter experts and need help! Their SMS may (or may not) be required, but the need exists, nonetheless.

A Virtual Safety Office (VSO) can provide your company with the same capability as larger organizations by using an SMS Internet portal operated by a Safety Analyst Mentor (SAM) at TACG. Your VSO will enable you, as a smaller operator, to capitalize on the features and capabilities of a robust SMS Web application for a very low monthly subscription fee. A dedicated, trained SAM becomes part of your VSO subscription and performs the following functions:

  • SMS Application administration
  • Hazard/Safety event identification, analysis, tracking, and assignment
  • Trend analysis
  • Assist with risk analysis
  • Create reports
  • Client coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Track and manage action item assignments
  • Perform safety promotion activities (surveys and newsletters)
  • Update stored manuals, documents, policies, and procedures, as directed by client



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