Aviation Safety Tele-Consulting



Tele-Consulting Is A Flexible Alternative!

Through Tele-Consulting, We Can-


  • Verify / check / review documented procedures and processes 
  • Provide assistance with risk analysis
  • Participate in your Safety Review Board (SRB)
  • Participate in your safety round-table sessions (brainstorming)
  • Mentor and coach safety managers or other managers new to the safety field


Experts On Call!

Our highly experienced Tele-Consultants are subject-matter experts in their respective fields and can provide advice and guidance in the following areas (non-exhaustive):

  • Flight Operations (fixed-wing)
  • Flight Operations (helicopter)
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Airport/Ramp Operations
  • Crisis Management
  • Safety Culture
  • LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit)
  • Human Factors
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management)
  • SMS (Safety Management Systems)   
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Aviation Security


Ready to get started?
Just a few simple steps gets you connected with one of our experts!

  • Step 1: Submit your request for an online consult.
  • Step 2: We will respond promptly with a quote. Typical consults are based on an hourly rate. We also offer flat-fee packages.
  • Step 3: When you accept our quote, you will be provided with a payment link (credit card payments only).
  • Step 4: Once your payment is received, you will be assigned to your Tele-Consultant. 
  • Step 5: Your Tele-Consultant will arrange the most suitable platform for your session. This can include our own teleconference program, Skype®, or WhatsApp®.



May We Interest You In A Virtual Safety Office?

There are many smaller aviation service providers without the infrastructure or expertise to efficiently manage their own SMS. These operators are not SMS subject matter experts and need help! Their SMS may (or may not) be required, but the need exists, nonetheless.

A Virtual Safety Office (VSO) can provide your company with the same capability as larger organizations by using an SMS Internet portal operated by a Safety Analyst Mentor (SAM) at TACG. Your VSO will enable you, as a smaller operator, to capitalize on the features and capabilities of a robust SMS Web application for a very low monthly subscription fee. A dedicated, trained SAM becomes part of your VSO subscription and performs the following functions:

  • SMS Application administration
  • Hazard/Safety event identification, analysis, tracking, and assignment
  • Trend analysis
  • Assist with risk analysis
  • Create reports
  • Client coaching, training, and mentoring
  • Track and manage action item assignments
  • Perform safety promotion activities (surveys and newsletters)
  • Update stored manuals, documents, policies, and procedures, as directed by client



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