Interviewing and Investigation Training



Interviewing and Investigation Course

Our Interviewing and Investigation Course is ideal for those people seeking to develop, or enhance, their interviewing/investigative skills. With a focus on aviation safety events, the student will gain insights on how to effectively conduct both reactive and proactive interviews as well as how to conduct internal investigations to identify root causes and employ mitigation strategies to improve safety. Topics include Just Culture, Interview Theories, Memory, Communication Processes, Root Cause Analysis, and much more. We also take a very hands-on, practical approach, by incorporating simulation exercises (students get to practice what they learn, with immediate feedback).

Who Should Attend?

Employees who will be responsible for safety interviewing and incident/accident investigations within their own companies. This course is highly beneficial for new practitioners, as well as an excellent refresher for those already working in the field. Specific employees that will benefit from this course include:

  • Quality Managers

  • Safety Managers

  • SMS Safety Committee Members


  • Course Introduction

  • Just Culture

  • Introduction to Interviewing

  • Communication Processes

  • Human Memory

  • Interviewing Methods (including proactive approaches)

  • Interview Role-Playing/Exercises

  • Introduction to Error/Event Investigation

  • Human Factors in Investigations

  • Types of Error/Event Investigation Models

  • Conducting an Investigation

  • Investigation Case Studies/Exercises

  • Apply a Just Culture in your organization
  • Define the roles of the interviewer and witness
  • Understand the communication process
  • Describe the human memory process
  • Apply safety interviewing techniques in your organization 
  • Perform internal incident/event investigations in your organization



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