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Explore some of the training and consulting services we provide on a worldwide basis.

Total Aviation Safety Solutions

Aviation Safety Training and Consulting that Meets and Exceeds ICAO Standards and State CAA Requirements!

The Aviation Consulting Group provides Total Aviation Safety Solutions (TASS) to a wide-array of aviation organizations on a global basis. We work with Airlines, Airports, MRO's, Civil Aviation Authorities, Accident Investigation Agencies, and other types of aviation organizations. Our TASS services include high-level consulting, training, and program implementation.

TACG works on six continents (Antarctica is just too cold) and many of the beautiful islands that dot our world's oceans! So, if you are in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Iceland, The Maldives, Central/South America, The Caribbean, or, perhaps Fiji, we are ready to welcome you to our long list of satisfied global clients!

The Aviation Consulting Group works on six continents

Our TASS services include:

  • Provide high-level organizational safety consulting in such areas as safety culture, safety climate, change management, tests and measures, and more
  • Develop a customized "organizational safety map." The safety map is used to guide your organization in "how safety will be done," from high-level management all the way down to line personnel
  • Provide strategic, term-based implementation assistance for such programs as Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
  • Provide broad-based safety consulting and training for new, as well as established, aviation organizations
  • Provide "virtual" safety consultants/managers on a short/long-term basis. We use a variety of platforms such as GoToMeeting, Skype, virtual classrooms, and email. Tap into our vast knowledge without the need for travel expenses!
  • Provide onsite safety consultants/managers on a short/long-term basis
  • Develop and administer safety surveys (including our Safety Culture Assessment Tool [SCAT])
  • Develop, deploy and assess your safety training programs
  • Train your company trainers
  • Online training
Dr. Bob Baron
TACG President and Chief Consultant, Dr. Bob Baron, began teaching and consulting in SMS in 2006, long before SMS became a buzzword in the United States. Today, it seems like everybody is (or wants to be) an SMS expert. Sadly, this has led to poor guidance, and ultimately, much frustration for organizations attempting to implement a functional SMS.
TACG President Dr.Bob Baron
Our Clients

Some of our many satisfied clients.