The Dirty Dozen

Online Course





  • Focus is on aviation maintenance
  • 100% online
  • Simple, easy-to-understand topics
  • Modular, building-block course structure
  • Downloadable resources (course slides, case studies, examples, references)
  • Unlimited course access
  • Certificate of training

Course Description:

This Dirty Dozen course is appropriate for anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the 12 most common conditions that can cause incidents or accidents in the aviation environment.

Course Objectives:

After completion of this course, the student will be able to-

  • Identify the types of influences and error-provoking conditions that can affect aviation personnel 
  • Develop strategies to reduce human error in the workplace  
  • Understand how an organization's safety culture can affect personal performance (systemic human factors)

Course Topics:

Module 1- Complacency

Module 2- Distraction

Module 3- Fatigue

Module 4- Lack of Resources 

Module 5- Pressure 

Module 6- Lack of Awareness

Module 7- Norms

Module 8- Lack of Knowledge 

Module 9- Stress

Module 10- Lack of Communication 

Module 11- Lack of Assertiveness 

Module 12Lack of Teamwork 

Module 13- Human Factors and Human Error

Module 14- Human Factors in the Organization (System)

Module 15- Human Factors in the Hangar

Module 16- Human Factors on the Ramp

Module 17- Course Summary



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