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The Aviation Consulting Group provides assistance to Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) on a global basis. Our goal, as well as yours, is to make your CAA a model of excellence; the CAA that other CAAs want to emulate! We accomplish this with our consulting and training methods that focus on the implementation, and continuous improvement of, your State Safety Program (SSP). All in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). 

Take a look at our services on this page. We can assist with your State Safety Program, FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment Program, and Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program. We also offer Performance-Based Auditing training and an SSP/SMS software solution for CAAs.



An effective and sustainable State Safety Oversight SSO system is characterized by the following:

  • a) The promulgation and timely amendment of national legislation and guidance to industry, as well as their effective implementation by service providers that is verified by the State in a continuous and systemic manner
  • b) A well-balanced allocation of responsibilities between the State and the industry for civil aviation safety
  • c) The continuous allocation of the necessary financial and human resources for the State authorities to effectively carry out their responsibilities, functions, and activities
  • d) The maintenance of harmonious relationships, including communication and consultation between the State and the civil aviation industry, while maintaining effective and clearly separate functional roles

Effective aviation safety oversight is based on the Eight Critical Elements:

  • (CE-1) Primary aviation legislation
  • (CE-2) Specific operating regulations
  • (CE-3) State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions
  • (CE-4) Technical personnel qualification and training
  • (CE-5) Technical guidance, tools, and the provision of safety critical information
  • (CE-6) Licensing, certification, authorization, and approval obligations
  • (CE-7) Surveillance obligations
  • (CE-8) Resolution of safety concerns





TACG can assist with your SSP, IASA, and USOAP!


State Safety Program (SSP)

States are required to establish an SSP aimed at achieving an acceptable level of safety (ALOS) in aviation operations. The objective is to harmonize and extend provisions relating to safety management to all categories of aviation service providers - aircraft operators, air navigation service providers, certified aerodrome operators, maintenance organizations, organizations responsible for type design and/or assembly of aircraft, and training organizations.
The Eight Critical Elements of a State Safety Oversight system form the foundation of the SSP. An SSP is an integrated set of regulations and activities aimed at improving safety. For the establishment and maintenance of the SSP, the ICAO SARPs are structured into the following four components:

a) State safety policy, objectives, and resources
b) State safety risk management
c) State safety assurance
d) State safety promotion

The TACG team is ready to assist with the implementation, and/or continuous improvement, of your SSP. When we work with you, our goal is to not just check boxes or settle for mediocrity, instead our goal is to make your CAA a model of excellence; the CAA that other CAAs want to emulate! Our consultants have the experience, knowledge, and passion to make that happen.


TACG's SSP Consulting Services Include:

SSP implementation assistance

SSP audits/assessments

Train CAA personnel on new programs, policies, and procedures to support successful implementation

Assessment/review of current policies, rules, regulations, and procedures

Technical guidance and assistance


FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA)

Under the IASA program, the FAA determines whether another country’s oversight of its air carriers that operate, or seek to operate, into the US, or codeshare with a US air carrier, complies with safety standards established by ICAO. The IASA program focuses on a country's ability, not the ability of individual air carriers, to adhere to international aviation safety standards and recommended practices (refer to the Eight Critical Elements on this page). 


TACG Provides Expert IASA Consultation

TACG has a team of qualified consultants who can assist you in any, or all, phases of the IASA process. Our consultants have specific experience with IASA, and know how to handle the many intricacies of obtaining, or regaining, Category 1 status. TACG IASA consultants have all been directly involved in the development of the FAA IASA program in the United States and have extensive IASA field auditing experience.

TACG's IASA consulting services include:

  • Initial IASA consultations (advice, guidance)
  • Technical Reviews
  • IASA pre-audits (to prepare for the FAA full audit)
  • Category 1 obtainment
  • Category 1 reinstatement
  • Assistance with correcting IASA findings
  • Virtual options




Performance-Based Auditing (PBA) Training

ICAO requires a mix of both prescriptive and performance approaches to auditing. However, this course focuses specifically on PBA for assessing an Operator’s SMS from the Regulator’s oversight perspective. One of the primary components of PBA is Risk-Based Oversight (RBO). Since RBO relates to the identification and management of risks, a good amount of time is spent on the planning and implementation of RBO, from both the Operator’s as well as CAA's perspective.

Course Objectives:

  • Define and understand PBA and RBO
  • Implement RBO as part of the SSP
  • Understand the differences between Prescriptive and PBA approaches
  • Conduct effective PBAs for Operators under CAA jurisdiction 


For more information about our PBA course, click the picture.





Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP)

The objective of USOAP is to promote global aviation safety. It does this by auditing Contracting States, on a regular basis, to determine the States' capability for safety oversight. It makes this determination by assessing the effective implementation of the Critical Elements of a Safety Oversight System and the status of States' implementation of safety-related ICAO SARPs, associated procedures, guidance material, and safety-related practices.

TACG Provides Expert USOAP Consultation

As a Regulator, you understand the implications of a USOAP audit. The current state of your Safety Oversight is out there for the world to see. Obviously, a high ‘Effective Implementation’ (EI) score is a great accomplishment and something to be proud of. On the other hand, a low EI score can cause safety concerns for all Operators under your jurisdiction. A low EI can also affect the ability of your State to obtain, or retain, Category 1 FAA IASA status. In turn, this can have a negative effect on the State's economy.

The TACG team can help with the intricacies of the USOAP process.Tap into our years of experience and in-depth knowledge!

TACG's USOAP consulting services include:

  • USOAP pre-audits/preparation
  • Corrective Action Plans for Findings and Significant Safety Concerns   
  • Technical guidance and assistance
  • Gap analysis/assessment of the SSP and Eight Critical Elements
  • Virtual options



SMS Software Solution for CAAs

An Ideal Solution for State Safety Programs!

TACG, in partnership with the world's leading SMS software provider, SMS Pro, is proud to offer our ICAO-compliant National SMS solution to CAAs on a global basis! We call it the "Hub and Spoke" System. Here's how it works (refer to diagram below): 

  • The CAA is the central "Hub"
  • Operators are the "Spokes" (Operators include airlines, airports, MROs, ATC, flight schools, and helicopter operators) 
  • The Operators' SMSs feed into the CAA, which serves as a central data hub
  • The CAA is able to monitor its Operators' SMSs (including implementation plans, Gap Analyses, hazard identification, risk controls, etc.)
  • The "Hub and Spoke" system facilitates effective safety-critical information between the CAA and its Operators in real-time!
  • Click here for additional information on our "Hub and Spoke" SSP solution





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