For Civil Aviation Authorities

The Aviation Consulting Group provides assistance to Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) on a global basis. We believe that safety starts at the top, and CAAs are in that position. Our goal, as well as yours, is to make your CAA a model of excellence; the CAA that other CAAs want to emulate! We accomplish this with our consulting and training methods that focus on the implementation, and continuous improvement of, your State Safety Program (SSP). All in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).  


Here are some of the ways TACG can assist your CAA-

  • Assistance with implementation of the SSP
  • SMS training for CAA personnel and/or operators in jurisdiction (sponsored training events)
  • Gap analyses and SMS audits
  • How to conduct performance-based audits
  • Aviation data exchange program
  • Methods for data analysis (research and analytics)
  • Human Factors training
  • Organizational consulting
  • SMS software (monitoring and measurement). See below


SMS Pro "Hub and Spoke" System for CAAs

An Ideal Solution for State Safety Programs

TACG, in partnership with the world's leading SMS software provider, SMS Pro, is proud to offer our ICAO-compliant National SMS solution to CAAs on a global basis! We call it the "Hub and Spoke" System. Here's how it works (refer to diagram below): 

  • The CAA is the central "Hub"
  • Operators are the "Spokes" (Operators include airlines, airports, MROs, ATC, flight schools, and helicopter operators) 
  • The Operator's SMSs feed into the CAA, which serves as a central data hub
  • The CAA is able to monitor its Operator's SMSs (including implementation plans, gap analyses, hazard identification and risk controls, etc.)
  • The "Hub and Spoke" system facilitates effective safety-critical information between the CAA and its Operators in real-time!
  • Click here for additional information on our "Hub and Spoke" SSP solution



To receive additional information and/or request a free online SMS Pro demo, please contact us by clicking here.