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General Safety Audits

SMS Gap Analysis

State Safety Program (SSP) Audits

FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA)

Safety Culture Assessment


Civil Aviation Authorities

State Safety Program (SSP) Implementation / Assessments for CAAs

State Safety Program (SSP)

FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA)

Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP)

Performance-Based Oversight and Auditing

SSP/SMS Software Solutions


Crew Resource Management

CRM Course Development / Assessments

SOP Development / Assessments 


Expert Witness


Human Factors

Human Factors Course Development / Assessments


Line Operations Safety Audit

LOSA Implementation Packages 


Movie and TV Consulting


Safety Management Systems

SMS Jumpstart Package

SMS Flat-Fee Implementation Package 

SMS Implementation Guidance / Assessments 

SMS Manual Development

SMS Documentation Development

SMS Course Development / Assessments 

SMS Gap Analysis 

Independent Accident / Incident / Event Reviews  

Safety Survey Development and Administration (as a neutral, third party)

Safety Culture Consulting / Assessments

SMS Software (through our partner, SMS Pro)


Speaking Engagements 




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