Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) Training


All airlines that are, or are intending to be, listed in the IOSA Registry should have a LOSA program in place!

A LOSA program may reduce your insurance premiums!

What is LOSA?

A Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) is a formal process that requires expert and highly trained observers to observe operations in real-time and to collect safety-related data on environmental conditions, operational complexity, and human performance.

  • LOSA focuses on normal (natural) operations
  • LOSA is confidential and non-punitive
  • LOSA is predictive (when you are being predictive you are being very proactive!)
  • LOSA incorporates the principles of Threat and Error Management (TEM). TEM enables organizations to manage threats and errors so that those threats and errors do not turn into accidents and incidents in the future
  • LOSA is complementary to other reactive/proactive/predictive safety data collection programs such as Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA; also known as Flight Data Monitoring [FDM]), Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance (MOQA), Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA), Ramp Error Decision Aid (REDA), and Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
  • LOSA is viewed very favorably by insurance companies and most offer reductions in insurance premiums for organizations that have a LOSA program in place
  • LOSA is highly recommended by IATA for airlines that intend to be listed in the IOSA Registry. The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) is the benchmark for global safety management in airlines
  • LOSA is an important element of your Safety Management System

LOSA Implementation Package

Our robust LOSA courses are designed to enable operators to implement a LOSA completely on their own. However, many operators choose our full LOSA Implementation Package. Our LOSA package includes:

  • Continuous access to the TACG LOSA team
  • Preliminary assistance
  • LOSA training
  • LOSA software
  • Observer calibration check/tweak
  • Data cleaning and integrity check assistance
  • Data analysis and report writing
  • Presentation of findings and delivery of final report to the Steering Committee
  • Line Operations Safety Audit Data Exchange (LOSADE)
LOSA-Related Services
LOSA-SMS Integration

LOSA is not a stand-alone safety program. Rather, LOSA is an important component of your Safety Management System, and as such should be properly integrated into your organization's SMS. We are experts in both LOSA and SMS and can assist your company in harmonizing these programs. For additional information please contact us.

Evidence-Based Training

We can provide evidence-based CRM course development and/or training based on your LOSA results. Too many airlines rehash the same old case studies year after year. Evidence-based CRM training, however, is much more beneficial in that it utilizes training subjects that are operator-specific, based on that particular operator's LOSA results. Evidence-based training should be used to keep your CRM courses current and relevant to your operation.

Need to train a company trainer? We do that too! For additional information about Evidence-Based Training.