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TACG is a worldwide leading provider of aviation Human Factors training. We have been providing Human Factors training to aviation operators on a worldwide basis since 2000. Our Human Factors courses are cost-effective, flexible, and practical (we minimize theory and maximize real-world experiences, examples, and case studies). TACG offers Human Factors courses for airline line maintenance facilities, MROs, FBOs, manufacturers, and more. TACG's Human Factors courses meet and exceed the requirements of Regulators worldwide (including FAA, Transport Canada, and EASA).


Human Factors Train-The-Trainer (5 days)

This HF Instructor (Train-The-Trainer) course is appropriate for company personnel who would like to learn how to develop and teach HF courses. This is a 5-day intensive course that, upon successful completion, will certify the candidate as a company HF trainer, and be approvable as such by your CAA.

  • Your Facility (on request)
  • TACG Location (scheduled courses)
  • Virtual (on request) 

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Human Factors Initial (2 days)

This HF Initial course is appropriate for aircraft maintenance engineers who have not had any previous HF training, or have not had an HF course for an extended period of time.

  • Your Facility (on request)
  • Virtual (on request) 

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Human Factors Recurrent (1 day)

This HF Recurrent course is appropriate for aircraft maintenance engineers who have had Initial (or previous Recurrent) HF training.

  • Your Facility (on request)
  • Virtual (on request) 

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The Dirty Dozen (4 hours)

The Dirty Dozen refers to the twelve most common conditions (or precursors) that can lead to accidents or incidents. These twelve conditions can, and do, influence employee behavior. This short course on the Dirty Dozen serves as a useful, practical, and cost-effective introduction to Human Factors.

  • Your Facility (on request)
  • Virtual (on request)
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Human Factors Workshop for Upper/Middle Management (1 day)

This HF workshop is ideal for upper/middle management. Topics are focused specifically on these roles within the aviation organization. Key learning points include how top management can influence lower levels of the organizational hierarchy, as well as how proper risk management and a human factors program can make the company safer, while at the same time increasing ROI by reducing accidents, incidents, and events within the organization.

  • Your Facility (on request)
  • Virtual (on request)

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Human Factors Course Development

TACG fully understands that many operators just don't have the time, resources, or expertise to develop an effective (and Regulator-approvable) HF course. We've got you covered! We can develop and customize an HF course, specific to your operation, to meet your needs and requirements. All courses are developed based on current and relevant HF issues.

TACG's custom-developed HF courses are designed to keep attendees engaged, and not bore them with endless theory and/or human factors "psychobabble." While some classic accidents are inevitably discussed, things have changed quite a bit in the last few decades, especially pertaining to technology. Therefore, we focus on the current, practical issues that affect line employees today.

Our highly experienced staff can develop customized HF courses for-

  • Airline Line Maintenance Facilities
  • MROs (maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities)
  • FBOs (fixed base operators)
  • Ground Service Providers
  • Manufacturers

Services include-

  • Develop customized HF course(s) (Initial, Recurrent, and more)
  • Train your HF instructors (Train-The-Trainer)
  • Teach your HF course(s) (contract training)


Human Factors Course/Program Assessments

Already have an HF program? Would you like an objective assessment of your HF program? You have come to the right place! TACG provides unbiased assessments of HF programs for all types of aviation operators on a worldwide basis. Our assessments include a thorough analysis of your current HF program(s), a report of our findings, and recommendations for improvements.

Based on our results, TACG can also provide additional consulting and/or course development to help your aviation organization have the most effective HF courses possible. Our assessments are conducted as a combination of both onsite and offsite work.

Our capabilities and methods include the following:

  • Onsite work (includes, but not limited to, observations, interviews, and effectiveness of delivery methodologies)
  • Offsite work (includes, but not limited to, a review of applicable HF training courseware, training syllabus, and assessment methods)
  • Assessments take into consideration the specific State CAA HF requirements as well as cultural differences
  • Assessments are confidential and are not shared with the Regulator
  • We believe in long-term relationships -- not one-shot deals. We can be your HF training consultant for the long term, if you choose, ensuring your HF program is always up-to-date and meets CAA requirements!



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