Professional Speaking Engagements

TACG president Dr. Bob Baron is a globally recognized speaker on aviation safety issues, and on a recurring basis he is requested to make aviation safety presentations at various venues worldwide. These venues include safety conferences, symposia, safety events, and much more. Dr. Baron can make compelling presentations as either a keynote speaker, as part of a panel, or as a stand-alone presentation with other highly-esteemed aviation safety experts. 

Not just limited to aviation, Dr. Baron can also present to any high-risk industry that has a genuine interest in improving its safety culture and/or safety management processes. As an aviation safety professional with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Baron brings a mixture of science, insights, and anecdotes that will be sure to leave a positive and memorable experience for your event attendees! 

Dr Baron has written extensively on a wide variety of aviation safety subjects and offers a free safety library to promote aviation safety on a global basis. The safety library can be accessed by clicking here. 

Dr. Baron's online bio can be viewed by clicking here.


Dr.Bob Baron at NASA's Annual Safety Conference
Presenting on Human Factors at NASA Safety Conference


Dr.Bob Baron at South Carolina Aviation Association Conference
Presenting on SMS at South Carolina Aviation Association Conference


Dr.Bob Baron at AIB Aviation Safety Conference, Lagos, Nigeria
Presenting on Human Factors at Nigeria Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) Safety Conference


Presenting on Human Factors at Ground Handling International Conference




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