Safety Management Systems (SMS) Training



TACG can help you implement your SMS...

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TACG provides SMS training, consulting, implementation, and objective audits (Gap Analyses) for all types of aviation organizations, including-



TACG has your SMS solutions


TACG provides holistic, or a la carte, solutions for your company's SMS needs and/or requirements. Our solutions have been developed in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs). We know how SMS works from both the State Regulator (we assist CAAs with State Safety Program [SSP] implementation) as well as the Operator sides! TACG can provide the following non-exhaustive services to help you achieve your Phase 4, MODEL SMS :


Experience Counts!


TACG has extensive experience in SMS. We did not just jump on the bandwagon! In fact, we've been doing SMS since 2006, long before SMS became a global aviation buzzword. Today, it seems like everybody is (or wants to be) an SMS expert. Sadly, this has led to poor guidance, and ultimately, much frustration for organizations attempting to implement a functional SMS.

TACG president Dr. Bob Baron has developed a foundation of academic and practical experience that has been time tested. He has a Ph.D in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (the things safety culture and SMS are built on), has conducted dissertation research on safety climate at an aircraft maintenance facility, and works globally (in the trenches) as an aviation safety consultant, implementing SMS and acting as a cultural change agent in some of the most challenging parts of the world.



An SMS will make money for your company!
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SMS Jumpstart Package

SMS Pillars

Check out our popular "SMS Jumpstart Package!" This package provides you with the tools necessary to get your company's SMS off the ground. Upon completion of the "jumpstart," your company will be better able to understand the processes involved to successfully implement an SMS.

Most companies will be self-sufficient upon completion of the jumpstart, however if additional assistance is required, TACG is always available to provide additional help! Or, if you prefer to have us do most of the work for you for one set price, check out our SMS Flat-Fee Implementation Package.

What do you get with our SMS Jumpstart Package?
(Note: this package can be revised/modified on customer request)

Nine (9) full days of SMS training and consulting. Including:

  • High-level training on SMS and safety culture specifically for top-management
  • Basic Gap Analysis
  • Walk-around assessment (including interviews, documentation, procedures, and real-time observations
  • Our SMS Expanded Implementation Course
  • Comprehensive report upon conclusion of training/consulting engagement
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SMS Flat-Fee Implementation Package

Flat Rate!

TACG provides full-service, flat-fee, term-based SMS assistance (or...simply put...we do most of the work for you for one set price!). We work directly with your company utilizing mixed modalities for convenience and efficiency. These modalities include face-to-face consulting and training at your location and Internet video conferencing (which can be as simple as Skype). We can be the other employee you wish you had!

With our flat-fee SMS Implementation Package you can rest assured that you will have an in-depth understanding of SMS rather than just a "fill in the box" approach. This includes assistance with getting management onboard (buy-in) rather than just "lip service." Our shared goal is to build a strong safety culture; something that needs to start at the very highest levels of your organization and filter all the way down to the line employees!

What do you get with our flat-fee SMS implementation Package?
(Note: this package can be revised/modified on customer request)
  • One year (12 full months) of TACG assistance to implement your organization's SMS (extendable if required)
  • Onsite (face-to-face) and Internet video assistance/support during all phases of your SMS implementation
  • Your own personal safety advisor that will answer your questions within hours...not days or weeks
  • Our SMS Expanded Implementation Course
  • Assistance developing your SMS manual
  • Safety culture assessments (pre-post measures)
  • Gap analyses (pre-post measures)
  • A customized, phased, structured, logical, and "realistic" implementation plan
  • Software training for clients that purchase SMS Pro software
  • Comprehensive report upon conclusion of training/consulting engagement
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