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TACG's mission statement is, Above All...Safer Skies. To that end, all members of our team are passionate, dedicated, responsive, and committed to improving aviation safety on a global basis. 

TACG provides aviation safety solutions to a wide-array of aviation organizations. Our clients include:

  • Airlines
  • Business Aviation/Charter Operators
  • Helicopter Operators
  • Airports
  • Ground Service Providers (GSPs)
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)
  • Flight Schools
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facilities (MROs)
  • Civil Aviation Authorities / State Aviation Regulators
  • Accident Investigation Agencies




TACG is Worldwide

TACG works on six continents (Antarctica is just too cold) and many of the beautiful islands that dot our world's oceans! So, if you are in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Iceland, The Maldives, Central/South America, The Caribbean, or, perhaps Fiji, we are ready to welcome you to our long list of satisfied global clients!




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Human Factors:

HF for Aviation Maintenance (Initial and Recurrent)

HF for Aviation Maintenance Train-The-Trainer

The Dirty Dozen

HF for Ramp Operations (Initial)

HF for Ramp Operations Train-The-Trainer

HF Workshop for Upper/Middle Management

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA):

Airline LOSA

Helicopter LOSA

Cabin LOSA

Maintenance LOSA


Military LOSA

Safety Management Systems (SMS):

SMS Expanded Implementation

SMS Overview

SMS for High-Level Management

Safety Risk Management

Root Cause Analysis

Interviewing and Investigation

Safety Culture Development 

Performance-Based Auditing

Crew Resource Management (CRM):

CRM (Initial and Recurrent)

CRM Train-The-Trainer

CRM Evaluator

Threat and Error Management (TEM)

Fatigue Risk Management (FRM):

Fatigue Awareness

Fatigue Risk Management Systems for Flight Operations

Fatigue Risk Management Systems for Maintenance Operations


Train-The-Trainer (generic-open to all industries!)


Program/Course Development and Implementation

Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Course Development and Implementation

LOSA Implementation Package (For Fixed-Wing, Cabin, Helicopter, Ramp, Military, and Maintenance)

SMS Jumpstart Package

SMS Flat-Fee Implementation Package

CRM Course Development and Implementation


Consulting, Auditing, and Other Services

Consulting for Civil Aviation Authorities for SSP, SMS, and More

Airport Safety Management

Crisis Management 

Safety Culture Assessments

High-Reliability Organization (HRO) Consulting

Virtual Safety Office/Safety Analyst Mentor

SMS Gap Analysis

FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Category 1 Obtainment or Reinstatement

Safety Audits

Evidence-Based Training (EBT)

Tele-Consulting/Online Training

Aviation Security