SMS Flat-Fee Implementation Package

TACG provides full-service, flat-fee, term-based SMS assistance (or...simply put...we do most of the work for you for one set price!). We work directly with your company utilizing mixed modalities for convenience and efficiency. These modalities include face-to-face consulting and training at your location and Internet video conferencing. We can be the other employee you wish you had!

With our flat-fee SMS Implementation Package you can rest assured that you will have an in-depth understanding of SMS rather than just a "fill in the box" approach. This includes assistance with getting management onboard (buy-in) rather than just "lip service." Our shared goal is to build a strong safety culture; something that needs to start at the very highest levels of your organization and filter all the way down to the line employees!

What do you get with our flat-fee SMS implementation Package?
(Note: this package can be revised/modified on customer request)



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