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 The Aviation Consulting Group

Welcome to The Aviation Consulting Group!

     The Aviation Consulting Group (TACG) was founded in 2000 by company president Dr. Robert Baron and has since become a worldwide leader in aviation safety training and consulting solutions. TACG's slogan is "Above All...Safer Skies," and we work extremely hard, on a non-stop basis, to make the global air transportation system as safe as possible. And we are making a difference...just ask one of our hundreds of worldwide clients! 



     TACG works on six continents (Antarctica is just too cold) and many of the beautiful islands that dot our world's oceans! So, if you are in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Iceland, The Maldives, Central/South America, The Caribbean, or, perhaps Fiji, we are ready to welcome you to our long list of satisfied global clients!


     TACG works with airlines, airports, MRO’s, flight schools, manufacturers and more. We provide training and consulting in:


  Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  Human Factors (HF)

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)


Fatigue Countermeasures

Other focused, client-specified subjects and areas 

Practical/Global Experience

     TACG consultants are highly experienced and qualified professionals. They not only "talk the talk" but also "walk the walk." Our consultants are in the field working with clients and observing firsthand how various programs, such as Safety Management Systems, are working in the ecological environment. This information becomes part of our "lessons learned" repository and is used to keep our training and consulting services current, relevant, and practical.


     TACG conducts focused aviation safety training and consulting in some of the most challenging and demanding parts of the world. These areas include Africa, Asia, and the South America/Caribbean regions. We are experienced and in tune with the specific nuances of flight operations in these challenging areas. We work with Airlines, Airports, MRO's, Civil Aviation Authorities, Accident Investigation Agencies, and many other types of aviation organizations on a worldwide basis.


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