General Safety Audits

TACG can conduct General Safety Audits (GSAs) for all types of aviation organizations. GSAs are generally conducted on a summary level, and therefore can be done in minimal time and with the least amount of expenditure.

Based on the results of the GSA, and as an option, we can conduct more focused and comprehensive audits. Or, your company can work on the results internally, as is.    

GSAs can be conducted with the client's own audit checklists (to objectively verify compliance with the company's own procedures / regulations / policies), or TACG can custom-develop checklists based on the client's needs and requirements. 


Virtual Option

TACG typically conducts audits onsite at customer locations. However, due to the current Covid situation, if onsite is not an option, we may be able to conduct virtual audits. Please indicate onsite or virtual preference when requesting a quote.


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