General Safety Audits



The General Safety Audit

TACG can conduct General Safety Audits (GSAs) for all types of aviation organizations. GSAs provide a broad and comprehensive review of your organization's safety processes, procedures, regulatory compliance, SMS effectiveness, and more.


The Audit Process

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables.

Our process begins with a brief “kickoff” meeting, which will serve as a formal introduction of all involved parties, as well as a summary of expectations. Following the kickoff meeting, the TACG team will begin its independent audit process. Upon completion of the audit, we will conclude with a debriefing meeting, where the TACG team will discuss audit outcomes and preliminary results.

After the debriefing meeting, and upon return to their respective home locations, the TACG team will analyze the results and write a comprehensive report of audit findings and recommendations. The report will be confidential and provided only to the client, which can then be distributed by the client as needed, or required, for further action.

Our audits provide a complete picture of a client’s safety strengths and weaknesses. Strengths are reinforced. Weaknesses (findings) can be resolved by the client; or TACG can provide guidance and assistance on a consulting basis to bring the client into full compliance with the organization's safety goals.


Audit Specifics (what we do)

  • Interviews (casual safety discussions with employees)
  • Observations (to see how safety processes are working in the practical environment)
  • Compliance with FARs, SOPs, regulations, policies, and other safety standards and recommended practices
  • Records Review (with a focus on safety training, safety accountabilities, and safety responsibilities)
  • SMS Gap Analysis (full audit of your organization's SMS)
  • Audit Analysis (a full analysis of the safety strengths and weaknesses identified in the audit) 
  • Comprehensive Report (a professionally written, unbiased, detailed report of the entire audit process)
  • Recommendations (for corrective/preventive actions and continuous improvement of the organization's safety standards)
  • Optional Assistance (for an additional fee, TACG can provide assistance to help correct audit findings and/or provide additional safety consulting in a broader context)


As an additional option, to provide a snapshot of your safety culture, you may also be interested in adding our fully online Safety Culture Assessment Tool
(for an additional fee)


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