State Safety Program (SSP) Audits

Per ICAO, States are required to establish a State Safety Program (SSP) aimed to achieve an acceptable level of safety in aviation operations. The objective is to harmonize and extend provisions relating to safety management to all categories of aviation service providers - aircraft operators, air navigation service providers, certified aerodrome operators, maintenance organizations, organizations responsible for type design and/or assembly of aircraft and training organizations.

The State has promulgated a national legislative framework and specific regulations to ensure compliance with international and national standards, and that define how the Civil Aviation Authority will oversee the management of safety in the State. This includes the CAA’s participation in specific activities related to the management of safety in the State, and the establishment of the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of organizations in the system. The safety standards are periodically reviewed to ensure they remain relevant and appropriate to the State.

TACG can provide objective, third-party audits (and implementation consulting) during any, and all phases, of your CAA's SSP implementation process.

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