Performance-Based Auditing
A Course on Risk-Based Oversight

For Civil Aviation State Regulators



Performance-Based Auditing (PBA) Course

2 Days

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires a mix of both prescriptive and performance approaches to auditing. However, this course focuses specifically on PBA for assessing an Operator’s Safety Management System (SMS) from the Regulator’s oversight perspective. One of the primary components of PBA is Risk-Based Oversight (RBO). Since RBO relates to the identification and management of risks, a good amount of time is spent on the planning and implementation of RBO, from both the Operator’s as well as CAA's perspective.


Who Should Attend?

Safety inspectors, especially those inspectors with responsibility for auditing Operators’ Safety Management Systems.

This course can also be very beneficial for Operators (service providers) to help understand the new Performance-Based CAA oversight requirements!


  • Introduction to Risk-Based Oversight

  • Risk Profiling and Oversight Planing

  • Conduct of Risk-Based Audits

  • Accountabilities and Enforcement

  • Tools and Resources

  • Case Studies

  • RBO Exercises and Practice (including role-play)


Learning Objectives

  • Define and understand PBA and RBO
  • Implement RBO as part of the SSP
  • Understand the differences between Prescriptive and PBA approaches
  • Conduct effective PBAs for Operators under CAA jurisdiction 

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