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Dr. Bob Baron, Ph.D
President/CEO of The Aviation Consulting Group
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The Aviation Consulting Group (TACG) was founded in 2000 by Dr. Bob Baron, who serves as President/CEO. Dr. Baron has personally been involved in aviation for over 30 years, with extensive experience as a pilot, educator, and aviation safety advocate.

Sensitive and knowledgeable about various cultures, Dr. Baron uses his 35+ years of academic and practical experience to assist aviation organizations in their pursuit of safety and quality excellence. He has extensive experience working with developing nations and island countries. He also provides training and consulting to some of the largest airlines and aircraft manufacturers in the world, as well as civil aviation authorities and accident investigation bureaus.

Dr Baron’s education includes a Ph.D Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (the things safety culture and SMS are built on), as well as a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science (Specializations in Human Factors and Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Aeronautics (Minor in Aviation/Aerospace Safety).

Dr. Baron was an adjunct assistant professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from 2009-2012. He taught the Graduate Capstone Project and Research Methods for Aviation/Aerospace courses. He was also a full-time faculty member at Everglades University from 2004-2011, where he taught Safety Management and Human Factors courses at the Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

Dr. Baron has published numerous papers and presentations on a variety of aviation safety topics including Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance, Human Error, Human Performance, CRM, SMS, Safety Culture, Organizational Behavior, Analysis of Various Aviation Accidents, and more. His articles have appeared in various aviation trade publications including Aviation Maintenance Magazine, AeroSafety World Magazine, Flying Magazine, Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine, Director of Maintenance Magazine, Journal of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, and The International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies.

Dr. Baron has also served as a consulting editor for the FAA's International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies (IJAAS) and currently serves on the editorial board for the Journal of Airport Management (JAM) and the Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research (JAAER).

Dr. Baron is type-rated in Learjets (LRJET series) and Citations (CE500 series) and was a Part 135 contract Learjet captain and check airman for numerous operators in the south Florida area from 1996-2004. He was also a simulator and ground instructor for the Lear 35A at Pan Am Intl. Flight Academy in Miami and FlightSafety in West Palm Beach during that same period of time.

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Course Information

Course Description:

This Dirty Dozen course is appropriate for anyone interested in gaining knowledge about the 12 most common conditions that can cause incidents or accidents in the aviation environment.

Course Objectives:

After completion of this course, the student will be able to-

  • Identify the types of influences and error-provoking conditions that can affect aviation personnel 
  • Develop strategies to reduce human error in the workplace  
  • Understand how an organization's safety culture can affect personal performance (systemic human factors)

Course Topics:

Module 1- Complacency

Module 2- Distraction

Module 3- Fatigue

Module 4- Lack of Resources 

Module 5- Pressure 

Module 6- Lack of Awareness

Module 7- Norms

Module 8- Lack of Knowledge 

Module 9- Stress

Module 10- Lack of Communication 

Module 11- Lack of Assertiveness 

Module 12Lack of Teamwork 

Module 13- Human Factors and Human Error

Module 14- Human Factors in the Organization (System)

Module 15- Human Factors in the Hangar

Module 16- Human Factors on the Ramp

Module 17- Course Summary