CRM Course Development

TACG fully understands that many operators just don't have the time, resources, or expertise to develop an effective (and Regulator-approvable) CRM course. We've got you covered! We can develop and customize a CRM course, specific to your operation, to meet your needs and requirements. All courses are developed based on current and relevant CRM issues, using the latest version of CRM, called Contemporary CRM. With Contemporary CRM, a significant emphasis is placed on threat and error management (TEM). Evidence-Based Training (EBT) also plays a huge role by focusing on external and internal data to address significant safety threats and their management. 

TACG's custom-developed CRM courses are designed to keep attendees engaged, and not bore them with endless theory and/or aviation "psychobabble." While some classic accidents are inevitably discussed, things have changed quite a bit in the last few decades, especially pertaining to technology. Therefore, we focus on the current, practical issues that affect flightcrews today.

Our highly experienced staff can develop customized CRM courses for-

  • Airlines (large and small, domestic and international)
  • Charter Operators
  • Business Aviation Operators
  • Helicopter Operators (including offshore, aerial tours, pax transport, and HEMS)

Services include-


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