Title Crew Resource Management Evaluator
  • Introduce the NOTECH system
  • Understand the Behavioral Marker concept
  • Evaluate CRM performance using the NOTECHS system
  • Conduct practice assessments
  • Facilitate the debriefing process
Who Should Attend

This course is appropriate for company personnel who are, or will be, responsible for evaluating/assessing CRM within their flight operation.

There are no prerequisites for this course; however, the ideal candidate should:

  • Have adequate knowledge of CRM
  • Have adequate knowledge of Human Performance and Limitations
  • Have completed CRM training
  • Have completed Human Factors training

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Duration 16.0 hrs. (2 days)
Time 8:00am-5:00pm (includes a one hour break for lunch)
What to Bring N/A
  • Coursebook
  • Handouts
  • Certificate of Training
  • Introduction to NOTECHS (Non-Technical Skills)
  • Instruction vs. Evaluation
  • Assessment Biases
  • Behavioral Markers
  • Conducting an Assessment
  • How to Facilitate a NOTECH Debriefing (feedback and self-critique)
  • Evaluator Calibration (standardization)
  • Practice Scenarios (videos and scripted)
  • Practice Scenarios (conducted in simulator during a LOFT or other line training event)