LOSA For Other High-Risk Industries


Seeking Other High-Risk Industries to Help us Deploy LOSA Safety!


What is LOSA?


LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit) has been used extensively in the aviation sector to help improve safety by identifying precursors to accidents and incidents. Other high-risk industries can greatly benefit from LOSA and we are currently seeking collaboration partners to help make that happen! Partners can expect to receive LOSA training and data analysis at a significantly reduced cost, in return for their assistance with our industry-specific LOSA validation process.


LOSA is a proactive, formal process that requires expert and highly trained observers to observe operations in real-time and to collect safety-related data on environmental conditions, operational complexity, and human performance in the facility. Numerous threats exist in high-risk environments. These threats can emanate from lack of resources, operational pressure, communication, and procedures. A LOSA is an ideal way to identify these threats and understand line personnel responses. LOSA also reveals how errors and undesired states are managed by line personnel.


LOSA is confidential and nonpunitive and is not a compliance audit. A LOSA is conducted by a non-threatening colleague who takes notes on what is happening during the course of normal operations. Once all the data are collected then a report is written and recommendations are made to management to both reinforce the positives and improve the negatives. A LOSA enables organizations to manage threats and errors so that those threats and errors do not turn into accidents and incidents in the future. With LOSA, you are being predictive—which is the ultimate form of proactive safety!


To learn more about LOSA from the aviation perspective (the principles are the same), click here.

TACG can also provide customized Human Factors and CRM courses/programs for other high-risk industries. 

If you are in a high-risk industry that can benefit from LOSA, please contact us!